Bridging Technology and Contemporary Memories of Cultural Heritage.

Orkhan Mammadov ⎯ New Media Artist

As a media artist, I’m intrigued by transformations of contemporary culture which requires rethinking new aesthetics, technique and dynamic perception of space.

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My practice process involves the use of digital fabrication tools and simulation data as it explores the contrasting development and cultural history of the middle eastern individual in opposition to the wider urban context.

Fields of study

Machine Learning, CGI Data Simulation & Visualisation, Generative Art


Heritage & Cultural Studies,
Social Sciences

Revival of Aesthetics
Immersive Exhibition

With the rise of the digital age, the importance of adopting the past to the future is crucially important to save our heritage from disappearing. Revival of Aesthetics, an art exhibition by Orkhan Mammadov works on the representations of the Middle Eastern cultural history to secure dialogue between the future and the past, dystopia and utopian.

Exhibited at Theatre of Digital Art
12 March - 12 May 2022